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“Background Cystine, a dipeptide of the sulfur amino acid cysteine, is a precursor of glutathione (GSH) that is responsible for the antioxidant response in the body, and its supply is limiting in the synthesis of GSH[1]. On the other hand, theanine is an amino acid abundant in green tea and is known to be metabolized to glutamic acid and ethylamine within the intestinal tract, liver, etc. [2, 3]. A recent experiment in mice indicated

that oral administration of cystine and theanine (CT) reinforces GSH synthesis and Vorinostat research buy humoral immune responses after antigen stimulation, and, as a result, reinforces antigen-specific antibody production [4]. In this report, heptaminol CT increased the levels of total GSH and the serum IL-10/IFN-γ ratio related to the balance of T helper (Th) 1/Th2 cell responses after immunization. As a result, CT enhanced serum antigen-specific IgG production via the increased Th2-mediated responses after immunization [4]. In the analysis on the model of influenza virus infection using aged mice, CT also was reported to decrease the lung viral titer after infection through the increase of serum IL-10/IFN-γ ratio and GSH synthesis in the spleen [5]. In addition, in a clinical study in humans, Miyagawa et al.

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