03 log) at initiation to 158 IU/mL (220 log) at week 4 and becam

03 log) at initiation to 158 IU/mL (2.20 log) at week 4 and became undetectable (<43 IU/mL; COBAS TaqMan) at week 12. Wnt inhibitor The undetectability of viral load persisted during the whole duration of treatment and 6 months after its discontinuation. Currently, viral load is still undetectable, and noninvasive serum markers suggest a METAVIR score of A0F0. Interleukin (IL)28B genotype (rs12979860), retrospectively assessed, was C/T. In this case report, we show, for the first time, the efficacy

of dual therapy with Peg-IFN/RBV in a patient who failed to respond to telaprevir-based triple therapy, despite the presence of a telaprevir-resistant variant. Because of cross-resistance between telaprevir and boceprevir, retreatment with triple therapy was not an option. A previous Japanese study has shown efficiency of Peg-IFN/RBV in patients with a resistant variant secondary to telaprevir monotherapy.[4] As expected, the telaprevir-resistant

variant (R155T) was eliminated with Peg-IFN/RBV in our patient. Relapse subsequent to the first 12-week course of telaprevir-based triple therapy might be explained by the short duration of treatment, together with unfavorable IL28B genotype.[5] Retreatment with a 48-week course of Peg-IFN/RBV was able to achieve SVR, suggesting therapeutic insufficiency during the first course of treatment. Therefore, pending new molecules, retreatment http://www.selleckchem.com/products/Adrucil(Fluorouracil).html with a reinforced regimen of Peg-IFN/RBV could be a therapeutic option in genotype 1–naïve patients who failed to achieve sustained virological response with telaprevir-based triple 上海皓元医药股份有限公司 therapy. AlinaPascale M.D. “
“Kong Chee Fat Choi. As many Asian cultures celebrate the zodiac or lunar New Year, ‘Chinese New Year’ as it

is often known, February 2010 is also auspicious for JGH. Twenty-four years of hard work have won this Asia–Pacific gastroenterology and hepatology journal a high international reputation, and JGH at last enjoys a much-welcomed boost in Impact Factor—to 2.27. This is the first time we have been ‘in the twos’, and after taking a decade or so to get from 1.0 to > 2, we plan to leave the ‘terrible twos’ behind as quickly as possible! Before announcing what we have in store for you, the JGH team respectfully acknowledges two retiring editors, each of whom have contributed much to the recent prodigious growth and popularity of the Journal. Professor Tsutomu Chiba has followed Professors Kunio Okuda, Nobharu Sato and Hiromatsu Ishii in the strong tradition of senior JGH leadership from Japan. We are glad that Professor Chiba remains an Editor Emeritus of JGH and a Trustee of the JGH Foundation, which will allow him to continue active contribution to our Journal. Professor Ian Roberts-Thomson has coordinated the very popular Images of Interest and Education section of JGH for more than 12 years. Respecting his wish that his involvement in this section diminish during 2010, we have appointed him as an Editor Emeritus.

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