Acceptability selleck chemicals of such screening influenced by knowledge, perception and attitude of the people. The study was conducted to determine the knowledge, perception and attitude of Indonesia people toward CRC screening. Aim: this study are assessing the knowledge perception

and attitudes with regard to colorectal cancer screening. Method: Cross sectional study with an interview-based population survey carried out in adult ages 30-79 years old, the instrument was structured questionnaires consisting 9 chapters. This survey collected from health center in Depok and hospital in Sumatera and Java. Result: the result from 809 respondents collected indicates that there are 478 (59, 1%) female, 459 (56,7%) age >=50 years old, 611 (75,5%) high educated, 681 (84,2%) married, 458(56,6%) worked and 440 (54,4%) had income C646 cost > 1 million, 76 (9.4%) done cancer colorectal screening, 25 (26.6%) good knowledge, 34 (7.6%) had a positive perception and 76 (17.1%)

positive attitude and 74 (13,9%) respondent from hospital. Chi square analysis, respondent whom less knowledge have odds ratio 34,3

(95% CI ,12,7-92,5; P<0,0001) and respondent from hospital done CRC screening have odds ratio 22,34 (95% CI 5,442-91,22; P<0,0001). Conclusion: The knowledge, perception and attitude on colorectal cancer screening test still low in Indonesian people. Key Word(s): 1. CRC screening; 2. knowledge; 3. perception; attitude Presenting Author: RUPAM 上海皓元医药股份有限公司 BHATTACHARYYA Additional Authors: G. LONGCROFT-WHEATON, P. BHANDARI Affiliations: Queen Alexandra Hospital, Portsmouth, United Kingdom Introduction: ESD enables en-bloc resection reducing recurrence rates, but is technically challenging with high complication rates and hence not widely practiced in the West. We have used a novel Knife Assisted Resection (KAR) technique. We aim to evaluate the outcome of KAR in treatment of large and refractory colonic polyps and identify polyp features that predict complications and recurrence after KAR. Methods: Cohort study of patients referred to our centre.

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