BMS-554417 S FG020326 were added to the wells

The effect of S FG020326 were added to the wells. The effect of the Chemosensitivit on FG020326 t Test of cancer cells was FG020326 KBv200 added BMS-554417 at concentrations of 1 comprehensive Dox, VCR, paclitaxel, and cisplatin in MCF-7 cells, MCF-7 ADR, and KB cells in each case in two Dox SW1573 SW1573 and 2R120 cells, paclitaxel. 3 3 1 in KB and KB-CV60 cells, 4 6 MP in NIH3T3 cells and NIH3T3 ABCC4 2, 5 and topotecan in S1 and S1 M1 80 cells The concentrations required to inhibit the growth of 50 were obtained from the survival curves according to the method of Bliss calculated. The level of resistance was calculated by dividing the IC50 of MDR cells by the sensitive parental cells. The degree of reversal of MDR is because by dividing the IC50 of the chemotherapeutic agents in the absence of FG020326 in the presence of data obtained FG020326 calculated.
2.4. Laboratory animals athymic Mice were used for cell xenografts KBv200. GSK1292263 NIH-M were usen In the experiments and pharmacokinetic interaction of FG020326 FG020326 used both and paclitaxel. All Mice were obtained from the Center of Experimental Animals, Sun Yat Sen University, maintained and bred in the center. M MALE or Female Mice Weighing 5 6 weeks 20 25 g were used for all experiments. All experiments were performed in accordance with the guidelines for animal care and experiments on laboratory animals Centre of Experimental Animals, Sun Yat Sen University Performed t and by the ethics committee for animal experiments. 2.5. MDR xenograft human carcinoma xenograft KBv200 cells was determined as described by Chen et al.
Briefly, cells cultured in vitro KBv200 harvested and nozzles implanted under the skin below the shoulder Nacktm. When the tumors reached a mean diameter of 0.5 cm, were Mice were randomized into four groups and with different Tues th, Including Lich: 1 saline solution, 2 VCR, 3 FG020326, kg 100 mg, po, Q2D 6 and 4 FG020326 VCR. In another experiment, the animals were again U the following treatments: Saline Solution, paclitaxel, paclitaxel and FG020326 FG020326. The K Body weight of the animals was measured every 3 days. Two perpendicular diameters were recorded every 3 days and the tumor volume was calculated according to the formula: The growth curve of the tumor was determined based on the volume of the tumor and implantation. The Mice were bet Ubt and get Off when the average tumor weight was over 1 g in the control group.
Tumor tissue was excised from mice and their weight was measured. 2.6: The inhibition rate was calculated according to the formula. Determination FG020326 in M Usen plasma NIH Mice were randomized into groups according to their K Divided body weight. Each group consisted of three female and three nozzles m Nnlichen M. The Mice In the experimental groups were treated with FG020326 and M Use treated in the control group again U, an equal volume of vehicle. Blood was collected from the retro-orbital plexus and in Glasr Hrchen with heparin-coated cold. The blood of a man and a woman

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