CX-5461 improvement in survival time of patients for whom chemotherapy compared

Mitoxantronebased CX-5461 or treatment was used prior to survive chemotherapy PSADT as a surrogate marker for that. PSADT can be used to monitor the effi ciency of therapy and thus result in the therapeutic strategy and timetable. European Association of Urology guidelines recommend early initiation of chemotherapy in patients with increased Hten PSA levels or a PSADT of 6 months, how did it happen Not significantly significant improvement in survival time of patients for whom chemotherapy compared with zinc Siege. The study TAX327 also identi ed sheet pretreatment, four factors that predict a 30% decrease in PSA values within 3 months after initiation of chemotherapy in M Nnern with mCRPC, they were pain, visceral metastases, An Chemistry and bone scan progression .
Three risk groups were determined based on the number of these prognostic factors, median overall survival of 25.7, 18.7 and 12.8 months, respectively. To the risk factors described above and others Cryptotanshinone Stat inhibitor formed the basis for predicting prognostic nomograms, the results for survival and treatment Sans tze Lead mCRPC. In addition, to facilitate communication between the patient and focus on the completely Ndigen expected responses to chemotherapy, as the risk of progression. Definition of progress to docetaxel and the optimal time to initiate second-line therapy, all patients closing Lich experiencing disease progression with docetaxel chemotherapy. Armstrong et al. found that, while the increasing number of growth factors, the confinement Lich PSA, factors and radiological progression of pain were strong survive survive after progression, with the presence of more than Pr predictors for the shorter.
The number of cycles of the fi rst-line chemotherapy, and if the progression occurred w During or after completion Isoliquiritigenin of chemotherapy were also survive a future. Since the patient may need during the treatment was well advanced with docetaxel found that the survival results Have poorest, then put Most tt initiation of second-line chemotherapy of hereBenefit of high-risk patients or patients may be the first sign fi res progression of the disease. Treatment response and adverse event management cabazitaxel TROPIC The study recently completed report of cabazitaxel therapy, that of mitoxantrone in patients with disease progression mCRPC w During or after chemotherapy fi rst line.
More than half of the H Of patients in both arms had measurable disease with 25% of patients with visceral metastases. The patients had already again U at least three cycles of docetaxel, with 70% of patients within 3 months of treatment progress. Cabazitaxel showed a statistically and clinically significant to mitoxantrone cant overall survival compared with a 30% reduction compared to the risk of death. Cabazitaxel with assessments of tumor response rate, time to progression, PSA and pain also improved. In addition, cabazitaxel controlled Pain Similar to the stabilization and performance status to mitoxantrone, a palliative treatment in place. The h Ufigsten adverse events with cabazitaxel, neutropenia and diarrhea, are manageable, thanks to a proactive monitoring and appropriate treatment. Prophylactic G-CSF reduced the use of grade 3 or 4 neutropenia was almost the H Half cycles in the 2 10 Diarrhea can be managed by rehydration and treatment with antiemetic and antidiarrheal medications A

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