Volasertib BI6727 agnosia showed normal performance on the discrimination of Cl lengths

You can st Ren If U like certain types of prosodic categories, they could be classified phonologically t rained in PAM. Zuh Rer k Can record the sound in terms of phrasal or particle, or Volasertib BI6727 even voicing emotion categories. You k Can be compared to English intonation patterns. Alternatively, it is also Possible that T Ne is not to the word, or music tunes, the English H Perceived leaders in fact, k Nnte the contours of the melodic sound Similar to systems used in prosodic k can be compared. In all these cases Is the reason for the production of H notsuffer Height of amusia, and Pr Prevalence of this disease Similar to the speakers of tone and non-tonal languages. As amusic English / French Sisch Ais speak Mandarin amusic have subtle problems with the intonation of the treatment, if the small differences in the H He in the explanation Tion and exposed to the syllables last question.
But in the treatment of your language, carried out a subset of Mandarin amusic to the ceiling Cuscutin inhibitor on the discrimination of lexical T Ne carried out by the same segment, driven, for example, yu2, Versus, yu3, but showed impaired discrimination shades of different segments, for Example shan1, disadvantages, wu4. Moreover, despite demonstration of the normal production of lexical tone, they were not able to identify amusic T Ne of names and controlled The.
Given these mixed results, the authors proposed two possible sources of m-falls for the lexical tone agnosia, in their sub-group of Mandarin amusic: 1, H henverlust monitoring system, and 2, the board is low or controlled the observed but the low level monitoring site, the hypothesis seems unlikely, since the deficit, some Gr s were of trips in the Tonh he T ne used pretty big, and, b amusic with lexical sound agnosia showed normal performance on the discrimination of Cl lengths who share the same segments. However, the executive or controlled attention hypothesis seems plausible, the low: about 40% of amusic may have attention deficits and amusia is associated with deficits in phonological awareness / pitch. In particular, it is m Possible that the lexical tone agnosia, resulting in adversely caning of phonological awareness, the hot t rtern, awareness of the healthy structure of W. In fact, previous studies have shown that even normal Mandarin speaker difficulty identifying lexical T Plans with names of sound and tone discrimination pairs, albeit Wide Range of segments Validly have.
This is probably because the difficulty of the task and linguistic complexity T with phonological awareness st Ren. Therefore, it remains an open question whether amusic Mandarin-speaking processing are deficient in the H He lexical T Ne in their native language. The current study investigates the mechanisms of language processing in congenital amusia speak Mandarin, the following four perspectives. First assume that a field amusia general lack of treatment does not like the hypothesis melodic contour numbness, and demonstrated by several recent studies have suggested that we expected deficits in the processing amusic Mandarin sound show in the language, if the tonal contrast is relatively small and if the T ne be carried out by the same segments. So we took a different approach, in which the marking and identification for your attention / controlled is required The executive was fundamental to superior sound thanks to the use of different segments. INSTE

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